My DIY 3D printer

Mar 25,2018

Recently I have assembled and build my first 3D printer. I have built this following 3D printer using the Tevo’s Tarantula DIY kit.
This kit consists following main parts:
  • LCD Display controller (to control main board & printing)
  • 3 END stop switch (for X,Y,Z coordinate stop location settings
  • 4 Nema 17 stepper motors
  • Aluminum Extruder with cooling fan for 1.75mm Filament
  • Titan and normal extruder
  • Motherboard RepRap Ramps1.4
  • 30mm Fan for hot-end heat nozzle
  • 40mm Fan for PCB – motherboard cooling
  • GT2 belt for x & y axis
  • Coupler and Lead screw rod for z axis
  • Heat nozzle
  • PTFE tube
  • PTFE fitting hot ends
  • PTFE fitting extruder
  • Heat block wires and other connecting wires
  • Heat bed (200 x 200)
  • ABS & PLA filaments
  • 220V to 12V converters
  • Aluminum frames, fasteners, nuts & bolts etc.
  • After assembly you have to perform following steps before final 3D print (mechanical and electrical assembly instructions are available in YouTube)
    3d printer
  • Check movements of all stepper motors
  • Move nozzle to x,y & z co-ordinate freely
  • Remove all noises and make sure free movement of nozzle heads
  • Pre-heat bed at 70 degree and nozzle up to 210 degree Celsius
  • Perform bed leveling (keep a gap between nozzle and bed closed to 1mm in all the points)
  • Load filament and test extrusion by moving extruder motor using LCD panel
  • Create 3D objects in AutoCAD or in TinkerCAD (any CAD software)
  • Load 3D drawing (STL files) in Repetier Host (this is a slicer tool , which converts STL files to G-Code)
  • Setup Repetier Host for printer (important setting printer shape, bed size, filament size, speed etc)
  • Convert STL flies to Gcode using slicer and save the file into SD card
  • Load the SD card into the LCD panel
  • And start printing from SD card

  • Cost of all parts are approx. 200$. And total weight is 8KG. It has taken 3-4 days for me to complete the assembly and to print a sample object perfectly.

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