errora - An Usefull Chatbot

August 1,2018

: This Chat bot is developed for oracle DBAs and oracle developers.
: Subhendu Datta Bhowmik
: during oracle program compilation or during database maintenance works you may get different oracle errors like – ora00600, ora10001, ora00018, tns12699, rman00201 etc. So instead of going into oracle site, you can simple query your error in this Chatbot and can get response from “
” immediately.
: all just you have to type similar statements like following
hi I am getting oracle error ora00600, give details
Or what is ora20001 etc.
See sample chatbot communications below.
Installation instruction:

This is free chat bot , you can use it , if you like. please find the slack link
Technology used for this chat bot
  • I have used
    for development of this main chat bot skills. see sample screens from my
  • chatbot
  • I have used
    to host my '
    ' REST web service app. and It was developed using NodeJS
  • I have used heroku github to store my program source codes
  • And finally, I am using
    as communicator.

  • For any support and questions please drop me mail at -