Internet of Things – Build your own platform easily

December 1,2016

The Internet of Things is one of the latest evolution of the Internet (Previous evolutions to me was smart mobile devices) that describes the variety of devices connected through the Internet. Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity was there in IT industry from a long time, but with enablement of internet, big data, IPV6 based network, REST based web service, cloud platform, smart mobile phone, low power CPUs like ARM – M2M has now transformed into IoT.

With IoT devices like webcams, wearable tech-like smart watches, car sensors, electronic appliances like TV, refrigerator, Air conditioning machine, Washing machine etc., and even rudimentary robots have started communicating with human leveraging internet. What the Internet of Things (IoT) offers is a way to control the real physical world—from the web using sensors , actuators, microprocessor/ micro controller, different networkings (SIM,BLE, wifi, xbee, Bluetooth ), connection bus etc.

All these physical hardware; we call now things. And this technology tells us how to program these things


It is evident that IoT has the potential to disrupt industry structure and transform businesses, there are many uses cases available where IoT can play important role. I have started looking into this area since last year.I have created a small lab in my home, and I have procured many basic sensors and actuators and have programmed them with MCUs like Rpi and Arduino.

Sample Temp/Humidity bar chart on live IoT data - Developed using D3Js

Recently I have developed one smart flow sensor using Particle Photon IoT controller and using particle cloud. See attached video:

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